Use and Structure of our Git

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Type of files

We put every types of files we need in our Git.
For Datasheet, it has to be in "*.pdf" format and we use Git LFS to store them.

Naming convention

  • All repositories names have to be in lower case.
  • We use unix style by replacing space with "_".
  • Repository name should look like <prefix>_<type/year>_<optional:team>_<name>
  • Repository must start with one of the following prefix:
    • elec for electronics
    • meca for mechanics
    • firm for firmware
  • If the repository is common accross the years it should continue with
    • lib for a library
    • tool for a tool or help
  • If the repository is specific to a year, it must continue with the year and optionally the team name (if relevant)
  • Then it must finish with a name that make sense (try to avoid robot 1 and 2)

exemple: meca_lib_motors is the repository for commons 3D models of our motors.

Usefull Link

Our Github :
Git Large Files Storage :
GitHub Desktop :
Tortoise Git :