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Here you will find information concerning our Ultimaker 3D printer, and projects we're making with.


The Ultimaker is a large build volume (210x210x220mm), open source 3D printer that is reliable, fast and affordable.

Further information can be found here: http://www.ultimaker.com


Cura settings

Howto: change a filament spool

Changing a spool on the Ultimaker can be tricky if you're not familiar with their material feed mechanism.

First thing to know: the extruder head has to be hot to be able to remove the material.

Lift up the black injection molded part by pushing the lever mechanism:

Spool changing 1.png Spool changing 2.png

Then put down the lever mechanism and change the filament:

Spool changing 3.png

Howto: change kapton tape without bubbles

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Source : reprap.org

Custom upgrades

Filament spool holder

The Ultimaker comes with a filament holder, but we've bought new spools that don't fit in. Thus we've made a custom spool holder, using skateboard ball bearings (cheap and strong):

Spool holder 3D.png

Spool holder 1.jpg Spool holder 2.jpg

Fan Duct

The Ultimaker comes with a fan holder, but sometimes it unfolds by itself and destroys the print. Thus we printed a Fan duct by Maurits and replaced the original part:

Fan Duct CAD 01 preview featured.jpg P9150006.jpg