Mechanical realization 2014

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2014 main robot.jpg

Main structure

The idea of the 2014's main robot is to do an arch. Here are the basement parts of the arch:

2014 chassis 1.jpeg 2014 chassis 2.jpeg

Then the walls:

2014 walls 1.jpeg 2014 parts 1.jpeg

2014 walls 2.jpeg 2014 walls 4.jpeg

Align and put it together:

2014 Alignement 2.jpeg 2014 Alignement 3.jpeg

2014 Alignement 1.jpeg

Put some motors on:

2014 Motors.jpeg


2014 barre transversale 1.jpeg 2014 barre transversale 2.jpeg

X axis

2014 X axis 1.jpeg 2014 X axis 2.jpeg

2014 X axis 3.jpeg 2014 X axis 4.jpeg

Z axis

A suction cup is mounted on a smart servo:

2014 Z axis 1.jpeg 2014 Z axis 2.jpeg

2014 Z axis 3.jpeg

It detects fires with a simple endstop:

2014 Z endstop 1.jpeg 2014 Z endstop 2.jpeg

Odometer suspension

2014 detail suspension 1.jpeg 2014 detail suspension 2.jpeg

Air tank

We did not use it, but here's an idea of how to make an air tank out of a soda bottle

2014 Fake air tank.jpeg