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Igrevator board.jpg

This documentation describes the board IGrevator.

Board description

This board aims to interface the robot's actuators and sensors. A tri-core architecture has been chosen due to many I/O requirement


IGrevator is a standard I/O board, allowing to interface with :

  • 8 DC motors
  • 1 stepper motors
  • 8 analog servomotors
  • 1 serial bus for digital servomotors (AX-12 like, XL-320)
  • 4 rotary encoders
  • 8 analog inputs (sharp, potentiometers...)
  • 8 digital I/O (up/down limit switches, industrial sensors, "stall again" limit swicthes, contact detection, US sensors...)
  • n bonus I/O (without on board connexion)
  • communication buses (UART/SPI/CAN)
  • 1 serial connection over USB for debug

It also has LEDs for sure.


File:IGrevator schematics.pdf


Igrevator pcb.jpg

Igrevator 3D gerber.png

Troubleshoots and feedback

  • Bypassing capacitors on optocouplers
  • Power capacitors on +VP1 for analog servos
  • FTDI power supply