IGresive V1.4

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IGresive V1 4.jpg

This documentation show our progress about the conception and the use of the board : IGresive v1.4

Board description

This board aims to drive the robot and give to strategy a feedback on the positioning. This board is the third version of robot's control board, it's largely based on IGresive V1.2


  • dsPIC microprocessor @ 40MIPS
  • 2 H-bridge (VNH2SP30) for propulsion DC motor drive.
  • 2 rotary encoders input with filtering and electronics level adaptation
  • Communication bus over CAN
  • RS232 debug communication through USB (thanks to FT232RL)
  • Board supllied at 5V, with 3V3 internal generation ()


  • Correction of footprints mistakes.
  • Adaptation to the new standard : IGreplane.


Schematics of IGresive V1.4

PCB of IGresive V1.4

Bill of marerials





This picture shows the coder pinout:

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Troubleshoots and feedback