Holonomic 2013

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Holonome.png 2013 holonome coupe.jpg


The aim of this robot is to relieve the main robot of simple actions such as "unwrapping gifts" or "serving drinks".
We will try build an honolomic robot allowing best trajectory management.

Technical document



  • For the intelligence of the bot, we will re-use the IGrebrain.
  • There is a need to acquire 6 quadrature encoders and to drive 3 DC motors. We build a new board, the IGredrive.
  • For proximity management we build a little board called IGresensor which could handle 2 US sensors (LV-EZx) and 4 IR sensors (ex: GP2Y0A21YK)
  • For debug, communication, IMU, we build another the IGrextension.
  • Of Course we need power supply and a bus for the whole bot, here it is IGrholosupply



Overall view of version 2 of the holonome bot

All pieces of the robot