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This page presents IGrebot's current Beacons system aiming at opponent detection and absolute positioning. This is used to get a precise knowledge of positions about all the different robots on the table. The system is an enhancement of Beacon_V2.0. It can handle up to 3 mobile robots and 3 static beacons. In the whole document, the team items are represented in blue while opponent items are in red.

BeaconV3 meca setup 0.png

Completely deployed system with with 1 turret on the main robot, 1 opponent beacon (on robot) and 3 static beacons (on the table)

BeaconV3 theory icon.png Theory

System overview and theory of operation

BeaconV3 mechanics icon.png Mechanics

Mechanical components setup and design

BeaconV3 electronics icon.png Electronics

Focus on Beacon electronics

BeaconV3 software icon.png Software

Physical measurements and high-level software

BeaconV3 results icon.png Results

Prototypes, Final design and system results

ToDo List

Last update: 01/20/2015

[TBD] : (To Be Done) Not started at all
[OK]  : Finished / Item to be removed
[AOK] : Almost OK / few details to finish
[CAN] : Cancelled
Priorities: 1=highest, 3=lowest
Priority Status Category Description
1 TBD Electronics Fine calibration of the detection system in real light conditions (comparators threshold + transimpedance gain)
1 AOK Software Finish BRX software, check robustness against various detection events
1 TBD Electronics Solder all remaining boards and test them
1 TBD Mechanics Manufacture remaining parts and assemble all remaining beacons
2 TBD Software Complete RF arbiter for support with multiple beacons and status handling
3 TBD Software Test 6-DOF IMU on opponent's beacons
3 TBD Software Enhance RF arbiter with advanced functions (channel auto-select etc.)
3 AOK Mechanics Build a travel case
3 TBD System Add POV to the VCR drum
3 AOK Documentation Finish to update Wiki with detailed system description


Thanks to the many resources and literature found over the internet or other sources.

General knowledge and system-level documentation

Specific electronics and optics references